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Self-manage product catalog

Our self-manageable multi-language system offers the possibility to have your site updated continuously, through a friendly control panel you have complete control over your content, thus being able to change texts, pictures, colors, sections, and automatic translation of content in Spanish, Portuguese and English by default and can extend the same to all languages.

Main features of our system of self-manageable product catalog:

- Centralized update system updates and improvements to the optimization code.
- Upgradeable Modular system that allows you to add new features and functionality to your site simply.
- Fully self-manageable system where you can edit the entire contents of your website from a friendly panel, either as text product details of all sections of the website.
- Multilanguage interfacethat allows you to simply offer their website in several languages, with an automatic translation tool from the panel that will provide you with a guide and basis for their translations.
- Ability to edit categories, products, services, content of products and prices easily from the panel.
- System is optimized for better web positioning in search engines, with structure and friendly urls.
- Contact system manageable from the panel that lets you manage applications for users to contact the website from your control panel.
- System applications also order notes easily manageable from the administrator.

Featured Works

Development of self-manageable Automobilspros.com online catalog. Developed using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Flash and ActionScript.


Argenshop is a free platform that enables businesses and microenterprises in Argentina to offer its products and services on the Internet, allowing to establish a contact between those who offer a service or product with potential stakeholders in the world. It is developed using PHP, MySQL and Javascript.


Development resources directory and web sites Argenshop.com, one of the most complete directory of Argentina.